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Noom Conakry, Guinea





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Noom hotels are genuinely dedicated to exceed guest expectations

Welcome to a friendly smile, an attentive service, a new lifestyle in contemporary hospitality.

As soon as you enter a Noom hotel, you are welcomed with a friendly smile by one of our Walkomers!

Noom’s Walkomers are at your service to assist you in any way you need:

  • check you in or out with the smart tablets, allowing total mobility away from the traditional Reception counter
  • help you register with our loyalty program AvantGarde by Mangalis
  • explain you all you need to know about our hotel services and the city
  • make reservations, arrange local transportation and share shopping tips
  • help with other additional professional services recommendations you might require
  • Discreet, efficient, friendly: the Walkomers provide all what you expect from a contemporary hotel inspired by the city lifestyle.

Noom hotels also offer NoomMood ™ concept that integrates African art with the brand musical and fragrance identity, accompanied by a special lighting that creates altogether a modern and relaxing atmosphere, outstanding the highest international standards in this category of hotels.